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B - CARDIO                    :

Benefits  Include

Support Healthy Blood Pressure and Cardiovascular Health

Increase Energy and Endurance without Caffeine or Stimulants

Enhance Exercise Performance; Great Pre-Workout

Alleviate Muscle Soreness and Promote Faster Recovery

A healthy cardiovascular system

• Decreases resting heart rate and increases the amount of blood the heart expels with each beat, thus increasing cardiac efficiency, as it actually expends less energy to work.

• Helps enhance your workouts and aids recovery by augmenting the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscle cells and improving the clearance of carbon dioxide and metabolic waste.

• Delivers the necessary nutritional precursors to drive the system for Nitric Oxide synthesis as a whole and aids in preventing cardiovascular disease.

 Proper rest and regeneration in the body

• Relieves fibrillar tears and muscle bruising

• Eliminates tendon injuries such as tendon degenerations and partial ruptures

• Reduces osteoarthritis

• Accelerates recovery from eye injuries such as corneal ulcers, keratitis and atopic keratoconjutivitis.

• Assists in the recovery of implant integration, as well as promotes healing of soft tissues such as gums and bone regeneration.

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